The DAICO is more democratized and decentralized model that is created to provide openness in coin offering at the start. This exclusive brand new site daico.life was created with the purpose of enlightening the new Daico technology. From now on people can find useful information about DAICO in our topics.

The DAICO contracts are published by developer team in purpose of increasing the funds for project and making the tokens legally tradable. In our topics we are going to tell not just about the reliability and safety but we also will circumstantially explain how everything will work and how convenient are all options. With this unique crowdfunding technology people will be able to manage all their resources by themselves and to bring their own ideas. DAICO technology already has developed many features and benefits in coin trading business. One of the great moves is to let the voters to control the team.

They will offer the development team a reasonable monthly budget and later raise it as the developers exhibit competence in the way they are using the funds. If the developer team will mismanage the funds and cause the decreasing of progress of the voters, the voters will be able to initiate a total shut down and get their funds back. There are a lot more interesting topics will be published soon on our site daico.life So stay with us and get more of useful information.